Rawan Alghofaili

Lab: Room 5325, Engineering Building · George Mason University · ralghofa(at)gmu(dot)edu
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I'm PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at George Mason University working under the mentorship of Professor Lap-Fai (Craig) Yu. Prior to venturing into the world of PhD life, I received an MEng. (Master's of Engineering) in Computer Science from Cornell University and an MS (Master's of Science) from the University of Massachusetts-Boston.

I'm interested in using data as a mean to create usable AI assistants for content creators from all walks of life (video game designers, painters, comic book artist..etc). This involves blending the wonderful worlds of HCI, VR, Vision and Fabrication to produce functional data driven designs.

Research interests: Computational Design, Virtual Reality, Graphics, Vision, and HCI.



a moving image showing navigation in VR using our adaptive aid

Rawan Alghofaili, Michael Solah, Haikun Huang, Yasuhito Sawahata, Marc Pomplun, Lap-Fai Yu

Optimizing Visual Element Placement via Visual Attention Analysis.

IEEE Virtual Reality (VR 2019)

a moving image showing navigation in VR using our adaptive aid

Rawan Alghofaili, Yasuhito Sawahata, Haikun Huang, Hsueh-Cheng Wang, Takaaki Shiratori, Lap-Fai Yu

Lost in Style: Gaze-driven Adaptive Aid for VR Navigation.

Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019)

Academic Services

  • Program Committee: ACHI (2019)
  • Reviewer: CASA (2019), CAVW (2019), IEEE VR (2020), CHI (2020)


Apart from doing research. In my spare time I enjoy: hiking, yoga, cooking, knitting and exploring the local rock scene.

When at home, I like to pester my cat Ada Lovelace (pictured below).